A number of people face trouble while deciding, when they should and when they should not call for a towing service. Some of these people are just too stubborn and they believe they can make it to the auto body shop on their own and they do not need to spend money on getting towed in San Jose. These kinds of people tend to end up doing more damage to their vehicles, than it had originally suffered, apart from getting overly exhausted as well. Then there are those people, who would just panic and call a towing service for even minor problems. Below is a list of situations, where it would be most appropriate to call for a towing service in San Jose CA.


The most common problem that people face is a flat tire. Conventionally, people tend to have a spare in their car, but what if it is underinflated or worse; you have more than one tire flat. In this situation, it would be wise for you to call for one of the tow trucks in San Jose. It is important that you avoid trying to push the car to the nearest tire service center, since it could have a lasting effect on the wheel bearings.


A change in the weather coupled with a neglected radiator can lead to the car engine being overheated. In this case, you need to pull over. Here you would have two options, either you wait in your car and bear the immense heat, while your engine cools down or just call a tow company in San Jose CA. The tow company can then drop you off at the nearest service station, where you can have the radiator checked. However, if you choose to continue driving with an overheated engine, be warned you will be doing irreversible damage to your automobile.


Quite often, you might get one of your tires stuck in the mud/ditch and your efforts only lead to the car being stuck deeper. Instead of making futile efforts, you should call for a professional towing service in San Jose and let them take care of your troubles.


A similar scenario would be if the transmission system of your car seized to function properly or you had a drained battery. These situations might seem similar to the flat tire problem, but you will have to travel a long distance before you can find a workshop. However, you can save yourself the trouble with just a single phone call.


Needless to point out, accidents would be the worst case scenario when you would desperately need a towing service. It is important that you avoid trying to push the heavy vehicle yourself, after a collision, since internal wounds do not show themselves immediately. You may feel fine at first and you might make it to the workshop as well, but if you have suffered an internal injury, it would only worsen due to your needless efforts. So save yourself the pains and troubles and call a towing service in San Jose CA, if you ever face such a problem.