Quite often, most of us would ignore minor tire damages in our vehicles, not realizing what it could lead to. Wheels are more important to a vehicle than one might think. In fact, the entire handling of your car is dependent upon the four wheels and as much as a small bubble in the tire could eventually leave you asking for roadside assistance.


In the city of San Jose, your worst case scenario would be, having a breakdown on the freeway, during a rush hour. Let us look at a few other scenarios, ones where you would eventually end up calling for a tow truck in San Jose CA. One of your tires has been losing tread for some time and you have not been paying much attention to it. One fine day it starts to rain and your tire starts to skid and you eventually crash into someone’s fence. Thankfully, you are not hurt too badly, but you need a towing company in San Jose to rescue your vehicle.


Now consider that you have taken into account that you have a bad tire, which might skid in bad weather, so you drive very slowly. However, suddenly you pass over a sharp object, leading your tire to burst. You would immediately lose control, but due to careful driving, you do not crash. However, you can still be stuck just about anywhere and you would eventually need to call for a tire change service in San Jose. If you are lucky, your bearings might still be intact after the mishap and you can enjoy the ride once again, after having a terrible experience.


Let us move to a more pleasant scenario, one that does not lead to a very costly outcome. Consider yourself driving on the freeway, with a vehicle that is equipped with quality tires. Unfortunately, you did not check the air pressure in your tires thoroughly. The tire remains safe, but your car consumes more fuel as a result of low air-pressure in the tires. Consequently, you might just run out of fuel before your journey is complete. Once again, you would end up being towed in San Jose.


Fortunately, you can save yourself the trouble, by looking for a series of signs that reflect on the health of your tire. Firstly, you should periodically check the thickness of your tire’s tread. You can either do this with the help of a ruler or a coin. The tread should not be lower than 1.6mm and even at this point it would be quite dangerous to drive on slippery surfaces.


Secondly, you would need to observe the sidewall of your tire and try to spot any cuts or cracks. These are usually a sign that either your tire is developing a leak or it will soon blowout. In either case, you need the tire replaced or at least repaired. Additionally, while checking the sidewall, you should also look for any blisters, which might be developing in your tire. Needless to say, a small pinch in this blister can cause a blowout.